Write About This


Sometimes I think, I could totally homeschool my children. Not that I would WANT to homeschool them (they will do fine in public school), but it is nice to know that I could. I felt this way especially after stumbling upon my latest discovery Write About.

For those of you that like to start class with journaling, this is the app for you. I initially started with the free version. While it provided a nice starter set of prompts (one from each category), it had too many limitations. For one, it would only allow me to SAVE one piece of writing. Really? That stinks. As I browsed the categories and corresponding photographs intended to spark the writing, I decided to invest $2.99.

I love many things about this app. One, the photographs are terrific. Two, the prompts are thoughtful and set the child up for organized writing. Three, younger or struggling learners can listen to the prompt rather than read it. E and I quickly composed an informational piece on his favorite type of cookie and what makes it so delicious. With a quick click, the writing and picture were emailed as a pdf to my husband who delighted in E’s dictated writing!

According to the apps website, writeaboutapp.com, teachers can customize the settings to fit the needs of the learner. Smart! Users can also use their own photos for writing topics. E and I plan on writing about a family of Lego superheroes that he’s been creating.

If I were an online instructor, I would most certainly use this app. Combined with Grammaropolis and frequent feedback from the teacher, I could see how this could be the foundation of an elementary writing course!