Age Scale:  10-18

Device: iPod, iPhone, or iPad

Quick Line:  Photography Meets the Classroom

What Educators Need to Know:

TourWrist is not intended to be an educational app, but it provides so many visuals to a world that most students won’t have the chance to explore, that it is hard not to include on a list.  Plus, it is just really cool.  TourWrist provides panoramic pictures of places all over the world.  I don’t know how it works, but by turning your body/device, it is as if you are really there!  Users can search by Categories that include Points of Interest, Hotels and Resorts, Dining, Retail, Arts and Entertainment, etc.  The tricky part will be monitoring students to make sure they stay on task when using this app.  But as with all internet content, in this teacher’s opinion, the benefits outweigh the disadvantages and potential problems.  How to use it?  Say you are teaching about St. Patrick’s Day, and you want to give students the feel of what it is like to live in Dublin, Ireland.  Click on ALL panos and use the map to zoom into Ireland.  Select the pin closest to Dublin, and BAM, you are the middle of the city!  This would be a great writing tool.  Students could describe what they see using sensory details and other forms of figurative language.  Or, after learning about the Irish culture, they could use the picture to verify some of the things they learned.  Again, you need to design lessons with specific locations in mind, but it has the potential to be a great tool.  Not to mention, students can make their own panoramic pictures.  What a great assignment for those students going on vacation!

Price:  FREE

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