The Little App

the little app
Age Scale: 2-5 (but it is really a tool for an adult)

Device: iPod, iPhone, and iPad

Quick Line: Little Activities Make a Big Difference

What Educators Need to Know:
For those of you that aren’t totally convinced that your toddler or early preschooler needs to be using an electronic device, here’s an app that is sure to please. The Little App is more of a tool for an adult than an app for a child. Input a child’s birth date and voila! Age-appropriate content to support the development of your little one!

What kind of content, you ask? Here’s the really great part: it is a mixture of practical, engaging activities, story starters, and kid-friendly video clips. For example, with a quick refresh, The Little App recommends two activities, two videos, and a story starter for two year old D: Blocks Galore (sorting activity), Guess My Weight (using a small scale), Bruno Mars singing “Don’t Give Up” on Sesame Street, Laurie Berkner’s video for “Rocketship Run”, and the suggestion to tell a heartwarming tale of a happy whale who dreams of going to space. Everything seems to be perfectly selected for his age, and the activities are easy to do with items found around the home.

Please pass this along to daycare providers. Each activity lists several educational outcomes which is great for writing lesson plans. And the price tag won’t break the bank… FREE!

Note: Don’t expect too much for five-year-olds. House of H is still adding content for this set.

Price: FREE

The Little App - House of H