Technology and Nature


Since this is my last summertime post, I thought I’d veer off the beaten path and give you my “vacation mode” post. If you are looking for an in-depth app review, better skip this one! Letting my mind melt a little this week.

Like most teachers, I tend to over prepare. And although he is not nearly the planner that I am, when it comes to the children, my husband does the same.

This week we loaded the Sante Fe (aka the Big Red Car, a nod to the Wiggles) with enough food, clothes, toys, and supplies for a month-long trip to Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Never mind that we are only staying a week! In the end, entertaining our brood has only taken two things: an iPad and the Great Smokey Mountains.

Here are the things that have got us through thus far:

My Busy Book Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ($11.96 at Walmart)
Rise of the Turtles Video ($9.99)
Bubble Guppies Spring Chicken book with (bonus!) stickers ($3.77 at Walmart)
Bubble Guppies video ($9.99)

Cookie Doodle: players slice butter, sift flour, and crack eggs to cut out, bake and decorate. Super cute and fun!

Old McDonald by Duck Duck Moose: if you have toddlers, DDM apps are a must! Fresh, fun, catchy!

Tozzle: Have I mentioned this one before? It has been a favorite puzzle app since our first iPod, 3 years ago. Plenty here to please ages 2-5!

Preschool Monkey Lunchbox: Shapes, letter recognition, matching, colors – one of the early apps for toddlers, but still a favorite!

Minion Rush: Knock fellow minions aside while collecting tokens and bananas in a rush to the finish.

Angry Birds Space: Do I really need to describe?

Gatlinburg Pinterest Boards to Follow: Visit Gatlinburg (all of our good ideas came from here!)

Welcome Center Brochures $1/each: (proceeds go directly to Smokey Mountain National Park):

Cade’s Cove Tour: soon to come!

Roaring Fork Auto Tour: We started with this 1.5 hour driving loop with plenty of majestic views!

We certainly have been busy, and none of our days have been the same. Our surroundings have provided us with plenty of family memories and terrific photo ops (thanks SnapSeed)! And our devices have lead the kids to quietly relax their bodies. So far, it’s been a great balance of Technology and Nature!