Winter Around the World Collaborative Project

So much has been happening at Cecil Intermediate School that it has been difficult finding the time to write.   I’m not one to make New Year’s resolutions, but I am a huge fan of goals.  Blogging more often is at the top of my list.


Recently, my homeroom and exploratory group participated in a worldwide collaborative project entitled, “Winter Around the World.”  Spearheaded by the fantastically creative librarian, Shannon Miller, over 250 classes around the globe added stories, illustrations, and poems to create a wonderful digital storybook.  You can learn more about the project here.

Cecil Intermediate students added haiku poetry as this was our focus in grade six ELA classes.  We used the Word Mover app by Read, Write, Think (free) to publish our poems.  Word Mover can be used on computers and Chromebooks also.  Here are a few of my favorite submissions:

Winter Life by Liam-page-001

winter poem by Katie-page-001Winter in Pennsylvania by Abby-page-001

I am so proud to have been part of this forward-thinking project.  My students were inspired by the sheer number of participants.  They loved viewing the ideas from children in far away places.

Please enjoy the sights, sounds, words, and voices of children as they share their experiences in Winter Around the World.

Winter Around the World

DK Quiz

Age Scale: 10-adult
Device: iPad, iPhone, and iPod
Quick Line: Are You Smarter Than Your Friends?
What Educators Need to Know:
You already KNOW that you are smarter than your friends, but DK Quiz will help you prove it! Dorling Kindersley makes some fabulous books, and the app follows in suit. There are quizzes on a large variety of topics including music, film, travel, history, sports, etc. Playing offline allows you access to each. Quick, correct answers are rewarded by placing you at the top of the leader board. The challenge mode allows you to log into Facebook to compete and share your bragging rights. How might I use it? Well, the travel questions are terrific and fit right into our study of world geography. But I’m thinking of including this app into my daily iPod activities as an extension for my high kids.
Price: FREE


DK Quiz - Dorling Kindersley


Age Scale:  10-16

Device:  iPad

Quick Line: Interactive and Inexpensive GeoGame

What Educators Need to Know:

Geo Pop by SleekGeek is, indeed, sleek.  This smooth geography game has three levels:  Easy, Normal, and Challenge.  Questions range in difficulty from “Where is Portugal?” to “The Junkanoo parade on Boxing Day is a big celebration in which island country?”  Tough enough for ya?! Students use the scrollable, zoomable interface to tap their answers, and hints are provided for all questions.  It does not have the graphics that the National Geographic app offers, but being able to select a level from the onset is a nice feature.  Plus, the price is right!

Price: $.99

GeoPop - SleekGeek

GeoBee Challenge HD by National Geographic

Age Scale:  9-16

Device:  iPod, iPhone, or iPad

Bottom Line: A bargain for $1.99

What Educators Need to Know:

If your school participates in the National Geographic Geography Bee like our school does, then you will want your students to have this app.  No doubt about it – the questions are tough.  But they are similar to those experienced in the Bee-  covering a wide range of physical and cultural geography concepts from all over the world.  Each question allows you to earn a score based on accuracy and the time it takes to answer.  You need a minimum score to advance to the next round.  With National Geographic, you can be assured that the content is accurate, and the HD map rounds use the features of Apple devices to their fullest.  This is a great app that could be used to challenge and enrich learners!

Price:  $1.99 at the time of review

GeoBee Challenge by National Geographic - National Geographic Society