Age Scale: 8-adult

Device: iPad

Quick Line:   Share What You Know

What Educators Need to Know:

Want to explain how to multiply fractions?  Feel the need to share the proper way to eat an Oreo?   Educreations will help you do these things, and it is FREE!  Educreations by Educreations Inc. is an extremely easy-to-use interactive whiteboard that allows users to record and replay voice recordings, handwriting, and drawings.  The app has many valuable features like allowing you to embed your videos on a blog or website and share them via email, Facebook, or Twitter.  While I can think of multiple ways  to share my expertise, I can almost think of more ways for the students to demonstrate their learning with this app.  In math, you could have students record their solutions to a problem and bring it to you for evaluation.  In history, you could have them make a timeline of an event, and record their explanation of each date.  Would it take some planning?  Absolutely.  But in an age when students should be demonstrating learning and explaining their thinking, Educreations is a must.

Price: FREE

Educreations Interactive Whiteboard - Educreations, Inc