Shape the Village


Age Scale: 2 and up

Device: iPhone, iPod, and iPad

Quick Line:  It Takes a Village… to Learn Your Shapes

What Educators Need to Know:

Square, circle, triangle… square, circle, triangle…

For some little ones, shapes come naturally.  For others, it will take repetition, repetition, repetition before they will learn the differences.  Shape the Village by WiseKids should help.  And little ones will enjoy it!

Shape the Village is a fun, interactive app designed to introduce young learners to triangles, circles, and squares. When children visit Shape Village, they will encounter a number of engaging characters and buildings all created with these three shapes.  Children can complete 16 different activities  including tracing, building, sliding, and tapping to help them identify the distinguishing characteristics of each shape.  The activities encourage self-correction and reward users with pleasant animation and music.

While the app itself is certainly better than average, it is the accompanying workbook that sets it apart.  I love when you can meld technology with hands-on activities.  The workbook includes 16 activities to complete with a child.  For example, it suggests making a matching game, provides worksheets, and lists direction on how to play Hide and Seek with shapes.  Cute!  If I were a preschool teacher designing a shape unit, I might even center our studies around this app.  The $2.99 price point is high for a introductory game, but the workbook validates the cost.  [I’m not sure if the lite version includes a workbook preview, but this could be a great place to start!]

My only wish is that it featured a few more shapes!  Most kids are smarter than we think.  I bet many 3-5 year-old kiddos could handle the introduction of rectangles, diamonds, hearts, and stars too!

Price:  2.99 for full version (lite version is FREE)