Title: Chicktionary

Age Scale: 10-adult

Device: iPad or iPhone

Quick Line: Talk about Addictive!

What Educators Need to Know:

Chicktionary is a game.  But, oh, what a fun game it is!  And your first 100 puzzles are free!  You have two choices here:  Speed Play (3 minutes to find as many words as you can) and Long Play (take your time to complete the entire puzzle).  Seven chickens, complete with letters on their bellies, present themselves and beg to be placed in the egg carton rows of empty words.  See how many you can make!  Deceptively difficult and addicting, users delight in clucking as the chickens show their pleasure and displeasure at your potential solutions. As a learning tool, children will develop their own strategies to complete the puzzles.  Suggest that young learners use rhyming words or word families; older learners should think of prefixes and suffixes also.  I used this game on the document projector during transition times, and the class loved working together.  If you use Making Words as part of the Four Blocks method of teaching Language Arts, this could be a great extension for the upper grades.

Price: FREE
Chicktionary for iPad - Blockdot, Inc.

Rhyme Source

Age Scale: 8-16

Device: iPod, iPhone, or iPad

Quick Line:  Any Time is Rhyme Time

What Educators Need to Know:

I often have students write poetry  or song lyrics to demonstrate knowledge of many different ideas.  And while all poetry doesn’t rhyme, students gravitate towards those poems that do.  Unfortunately, their little heads don’t produce rhyming words as quickly as we might like.  Introducing… Rhyme Source.  Rhyme Source is a rhyming dictionary.  Students can type in a word, and rhyming words are listed based on the number of syllables.  For example, when I typed in “rhyme”, “crime”, “all-time”, and “overtime” were produced.  It’s simple and cheap.  The newest version also allows students to make notes for future poetry or lyrics.  It is a primitive feature, but it may come in handy!

Price:  $.99 at the time of review

RhymeSource - Widemouth