DocScan HD Pro

doc scan hd pro

DocScan HD Pro

Age Scale:  10+

Device:  iPhone, iPod, and iPad

Quick Line: No Scanner?  No Problem!

What Educators Need to Know:

How many times do you wish you had a copy machine in your classroom?  I mean, the printer is nice, but sometimes, you just need…one.more.copy.  So, you trek down to the copy machine, wait in line, waste your precious time.

Well, wait no more.  Snap a picture with your iPhone camera while in DocScan HD Pro.  Drag and set a perimeter, choose color or black and white, and save that sucker!  It even removes shadows and corrects curled or wrinkled pages!  Continue scanning and adding pages to your document, or export your new pdf to email, Dropbox, or Evernote.  Create folders for subjects, topics, or skills.  Preserve your best resources digitally or print them when you are in a bind for that single copy!

I have found so many uses for this app.  I’ve certainly scanned my share of lost/misplaced documents for students.  And I’ve copied collaborative student notes, so individuals can add on  at home.  But most importantly, I’ve used it to post resources to Edmodo, the social platform we use for our classroom.  Students who are absent don’t have to wait for work to come home.  They simply log on and print.

DocScan has made reproducing documents so easy and convenient.  I absolutely love it!

Price:  $1.99



Age Scale: 12 and up

Device:  iPhone, iPod, and iPad

Quick Line:  Never Lose Notes Again

What Educators Need to Know:

One of my favorite classroom apps this year has been Evernote.  I know so many tech-savvy people have been probably been using this app for ages, so excuse me if I am about to bore you.  Write a comment and let me know how inferior my knowledge is as I know I am only scratching the surface!
My fellow teammates have been teasing me for bringing my iPad to building meetings.  Well, I should say they WERE giving me a hard time until we needed notes from an earlier intervention meeting, and I was the only one who still had them!  See that?  The geek strikes again!  Basically, it works like this:  you go to a meeting and open Evernote.  Your administrator distributes a document.  You take a picture of it.  The team discusses timelines and strategies to help a particular student, and you take notes under the photo.  Evernote automatically saves it to your cloud storage.  A week later, when you have totally forgotten what was said at the meeting, you pull up your note, filed appropriately in the “Super Important Meeting Stuff” Notebook, print it off, and save the day!  In addition to “Super Important Meeting Stuff”, you can have a Notebook for “Parent Meeting Stuff”, “Articles and Stuff”, and “Don’t Forget to Do This Stuff”.  Evernote even gives you an email, so when I am browsing Twitter, and I don’t have enough time to read an entire posting or article, I email directly to one of the super-helpful Notebooks mentioned above, and it is there when I open it at work.  I also used it during parent conferences and browse my notes frequently to follow-up.
Evernote + Super Nerd = Teacher Greatness.

Dropbox: The Best Productivity App?

dropbox icon
Back to School time means a fresh start – for students, teachers, even parents. For teachers and students, it is time for self-improvement, and who doesn’t want to be more productive? Is Dropbox the best productivity app on the market?

Age Scale: 10 to adult

Quick Line: Access EVERYTHING on the Go!

What Educators Need to Know:

For those of you that are unfamiliar, Dropbox is an app that allows users to save and share all of your photos, documents, and videos. You can access any file that you save to your Dropbox from all of your devices, your home computer, AND the Dropbox website. A very smart coworker [you know who you are! wink, wink] shared this app with our staff in the fall of last year, and I was fascinated but not convinced I needed it.

Enter The New and Improved iPod Teacher Blog. In an effort to maximize a minimal amount of time, I’ve rediscovered this gem. It immediately made me more efficient and streamlined my saving processes. [Note: Once you create an account, do not confuse yourself by creating a new one. Changing the preferences was a hassle. Actually, knowing that I needed to change my preferences was more of a hassle than actually changing them, but I digress.] My Dropbox account now houses my blog documents, images, logos, and media library. As I move into the fall, I plan on adding my teaching documents and personal iPhone photos as well. It will be interesting to see how quickly I fill my 2GB of free space!

I am, by no means, a Dropbox expert. However, now that my eyes have been opened, the opportunities for students usage are plain and clear. Could my students be saving their work at home and access their files at school WITHOUT a thumb drive??

Do you use Dropbox or another feature such as Google Drive? Do your students have access to Dropbox? Or has your network blackballed it?

Share your comments below. I’d love to hear how you use Dropbox or similar productivity apps in your home or classroom! Perhaps my humble coworker will share some of her awesome insights!

Price: FREE

lino – Online Stickies

Age Scale: 6-adult

Device: iPod, iPhone, or iPad

Quick Line:  Sticky Fun!

What Educators Need to Know:

My students know that I am OBSESSED with sticky notes.  Since we aren’t allowed to write in our SS textbook, I have the students use them to mark text with questions, points, and questions.  I also use them to assure that I get a response from all students when we have classroom discussions.  Well, the same can be applied with the lino app by the Infoteria Corporation.  Users create canvases on which other users can post.  My first official canvas was simply entitled, “Sixth Grade Send-Offs”.  I had students post end-of-the-year messages to each other.  What fun!  It allows you to select the note color, font color, font size,  and add an image or emoticons.  You can even post movies!  I can see this being a great place for theme boards for units on geography and volcanoes, or it could be a simple way to create a discussion board.  Best of all, it is accessible on the computer!  So students can access it whether or not they have an Apple device.  Pretty slick!  However, unless you require each student to create individual usernames and passwords  and link through email, you must be aware of what your students are posting by logging in frequently.  But my kiddos are great, and the advantages to using this nifty program outweigh the risks.

Price:  FREE

lino - Sticky and Photo Sharing for you - Infoteria Corporation