Flashcards +

Age Scale:  9-18

Device:  iPod, iPhone, or iPad

Bottom Line:   Much more fun than index cards!

What Educators Need to Know:

Memorizing words and definitions is inevitable.  Try as I might to use higher level thinking skills, sometimes you must start at the beginning and build a foundation before doing so.  Flashcards+ can help you do this.  Students can create custom decks by adding a deck, assigning a name, and typing words and concepts.    Then  they can practice their cards with a  simple swipe.  Students can also eliminate mastered words by placing a checkmark next to them.  Since many teens have their devices on hand 24/7, it is nice to know that they will also have their study tools handy also!  Flashcards+ is linked to the website Quizlet.com which boasts thousands of already created flashcards on a number of topics.  Need to study terms for the state standardized test?  Check there first.  Chances are, someone has already created a deck that you can add to your device!  I even found a deck of key terms for Chapter One in our SS textbook.  Score!

Price:  FREE

Flashcards+ - Connor Zwick