Maker Movement Coming to Our School!

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Posted by Canon-McMillan School District on Wednesday, July 8, 2015



It’s no secret that I absolutely love Pinterest.  With over 9,000 pins on both my personal and  iPod Teacher boards, Pinterest has become a great resource for those of us looking for trending, exciting, and easy DIY projects!

It is also no secret that I love integrating technology into my classroom.  Modern students are intrigued by technology, and I think it is so important to show them how technology can improve their learning!

So, what do you get when you introduce the DIY community to technology?  Maker Education, of course!

I’m excited to announce that Cecil Intermediate School has entered the work of #makered with our new Makerspace-To-Go!  In our portable Sterilite container, you will find duct tape, craft sticks, modeling clay, a rubber band loom, and hot glue.  But you will also find a LittleBits circuit kit, an iPad for stop motion animation, and a Sphero robot.  We are allowing students to tinker, experiment, improvise, and create.  We are saying Yes to the Mess and letting the students use their hands to learn, think, and grow.

Here are some photographs from our recent after-school professional development.  My students loved being able to teach the teachers!

Augmented Reality


Stop Motion Animation with Lego


Duct Tape Wallets and Flower Toppers


LittleBits Circuitsmakerpd1.9

LoopDeeDoo Bracelets


Let’s not forget about the BOOKS!makerpd1.7

Want to know more?  Check out my Makerspace Board on the iPodTeacher’s Pinterest page

or read this article, “What’s the Maker Movement and Why Should I Care?”

Our DIY Bench/Table/Ottoman

At the beginning of the year, I had my students learn about the brain and how the different parts function.  Then we read a few articles about how people learn.  We continued our study by dissecting some really complex material about what students need to learn BEST.

This lead to a few important focal points:

learning 1.1

Then I asked the students to create a list of things that would enhance our learning space:

learning 1.2

We knew we needed to make some changes.  The students needed somewhere to sit when they were reading and a small table for when they were collaborating on the carpet.  I consulted our guidance counselor, who just happens to be a carpenter on the side, and we came together to make our own seating.  Here are a few pictures!

bench 1.1

bench 1.8bench 1.7

bench 1.6

bench 1.3

Look at these proud, happy faces!  Mr. B. , we could not have done it without you!bench 2.4

bench 2.5

And the final results…

bench 2.2 bench 2.3