Age Scale: 6-18

Device: iPod, iPhone, or iPad

Quick Line:  Eliminating Library Fees?  Priceless.

What Educators Need to Know:

If your students do not have access to Overdrive, they should.  While the app itself is not overly beautiful, allowing your students to link to local libraries to borrow books remotely is priceless.  They will need a library card (or they could use yours), and you may need to help them set it up.  But searching for books is easy, and some of the newest titles are available.  (Although they may have to wait their turn to “borrow”.)  Titles remain on devices for two weeks.  Then they magically disappear.  How easy is that?  You don’t have to worry about overdue notices because the library takes them back for you!  One caveat:  You might want to check out your local library’s online collection.  Even our city collection is smaller than I would have guessed.  BUT, I’m thinking this process is in its beginning stages and the number of books available will increase rapidly.

Price:  FREE

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