Magic Stickers


Age Scale: 4-8

Device: iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad

Quick Line: Creative Opportunity is Knocking!

What Educators Need to Know:
Although my husband may be a product designer and spend much of his time drawing, our oldest son shares very little interest in being visually creative. To say it simply, E hates to color. Now, thanks to a series of YouTube videos by a boy his age, E does enjoy narrating stories. When a representative from the Lazoo company contacted me to take a look at Magic Stickers, I was more than happy to oblige. I’ll try anything to get this child to create art – even on the iPad. As he explored the app, I could see his wheels churning. An opportunity to create stories that don’t involve Angry Birds? I’m in!

Magic Stickers contains eight whimsical scenes for children to explore. Once selected, dozens of “stickers” are available to add to the scene. Children can rearrange and re-size all of them, and they can even create their own. Bread becomes a bus. Candy becomes flowers. All of this might sound somewhat ordinary. I mean, we are talking about the iPad here, and I feel like we’ve seen just about everything. But Lazoo added an animation component that sets it apart from the rest. Birds fly; bugs crawl, and animals dance and play. Even original artwork created by the user interacts with the background. Pretty slick! To boot, Lazoo’s illustrations are just plain CUTE.

So much of what we do in our schools revolves around the concrete. I like this app for promoting creativity and imagination. I can see this tool as a springboard in an elementary art classroom. Teaching children to see everyday objects as something more can be difficult. After using this app, I would imagine students would be better able to think outside of the box and reach the heart of what creating art is all about! I also think it could be used as a fun creative writing tool. I’ll try to catch E narrating as he creates his own scene. Wish me luck!

Price: $1.99

Magic Stickers! - PlayDate Digital


Our students read From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler. As many of you know, this classic story takes place in the Metropolitan Museum in New York City. Since most, if not all, students may never visit this cultural treasure, I thought it was important to bring elements of a visit to my class. The first app I used was PlayArt. PlayArt provides short videos about one of five famous artists. Students can manipulate pieces of famous artwork to create their own versions. By doing so, the students really had an idea of the artists’ style and focus. Watch the video, and you will be amazed at what you can do!

Price: FREE

PlayART by Tapook - Tapook Publishing