I seriously thought StoryLines was going to be a bust. At first glance, I couldn’t see how it could possibly apply to anything that I was teaching in the classroom, and I certainly thought the students would find it to be a bore. Boy, was I wrong! I used this FREE app as a pass and play game. Basically, it is the game of “telephone”, only you use words AND pictures. The fortune cookie can get you started with a famous quotation. The first player must illustrate the quote and pass it along. The second player must create a quote from the first player’s illustration and pass it to a third player. Depending on the group size selected, play continues in this manner until a hilarious final quote is revealed. Most likely, the students will laugh out loud. How could I adapt this to what I teach? I’ve been thinking that I may take character quotes from the story we are reading, and have the students use them as a starters. I also think it would be neat to involve famous quotes from African Americans or U.S. Presidents during the month of February! Pretty fun!

Note: There is a school version that I have not explored. If you have and recommend it, please let me know! I’d love to see how it is being used!

Price: FREE

StoryLines - Root-One, Inc.