Send to Dropbox Feature

Update Time!

As you know, I started the year off by having the students create graphic organizers to tell more about themselves by using the Popplet app. [I invested in the full version ($4.99) because I was afraid students would need to return to their projects to edit/finish. This proved to be an essential move] They were thrilled and completely ran with it! But sharing their creations with me… That was a little more complicated.  See my original post here.

If you are like me, your students are sharing iPads with the rest of the school via a cart. Up until now, email has been disabled. But the thought of saving Popplets as jpegs and connecting each device to my desktop to download the images was less than desirable. So, I enabled email and set up a dummy account via yahoo. We added it to our contacts. This worked well except the class that helped with setup was pretty far behind in the creation process. Since then, I did some more research into something called Send to Dropbox. If you have a Dropbox account, it was simple to add this feature which provides an email that will, as the name suggests, send your docs and images to your Dropbox. Perfect! We are in the process of adding this email to our contacts, and I will most likely use this exclusively until I find something even better.

So, is Dropbox the best productivity app? I’m still not 100% sure, but it sure is easy to use!  See my original post about Dropbox here.

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