Scrabble Tournament with App

Age Scale: 10-18
Device: iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch
Bottom Line: Strengthen Skills Strategically


The end of the year is always hectic. No matter how many years have gone by, I still struggle with how to fill the time effectively while managing to complete the many tasks on my list. This year, Laura Candler saved my life.

If you don’t follow Laura Candler on Pinterest, you should. She is truly an education guru, and her “File Cabinet” of powerful teaching resources is full of terrific, easily implemented ideas. See her website here:

I used many of her seasonal activities this year including the Winter Mug Exchange and Valentine’s Day Reading Marathon. Her seasonal activities are often thought-provoking and without the fluff of so many others. Holding a Scrabble Tournament seemed like a daunting task, but her resources, found here, were easy to organize and simple to use.

I used two iPad apps to prepare the students for this activity: Chicktionary, which I wrote about in July 2012, and Scrabble Free.

I used Chicktionary to remind the students of the importance of using word families and plurals. Both concepts came into play when creating words in Scrabble.

Scrabble Free has several different options: Play with Friends via social networking sites, Random Opponent, and Pass N’ Play. I had the students use Pass N’ Play in small groups of four to help them prepare for the real game. The computer does all of the scoring, so you will want to practice keeping score with the real game. Also, the computer will not let you play incorrect words, so you will have to explain how to use a dictionary for challenges. But overall, this app helped the students understand the basics of games easily without me watching their every move.

Again, click on this link for resources to host your own Scrabble Tournament. For a group of 24, it will take six game boards and four class periods. It is a fun way to end the year!