Sumurai: a Brand New Math Puzzle Game

samurai app

Age Scale:  10+

Device: iPhone, iPod, and iPad

Quick Line:  Practice Without Feeling Like Practice

What Educators Need to Know:

Finally!  Finally!  I am so happy to present a game that is well-suited for the middle school set!  Friends, meet Samurai, a brand new math puzzle game.

If you are looking for an alternative to Sodoku, or if you want to drive home the importance of operational skills in your classroom, this is the game for you!  Its premise is pretty simple but addictive!

As the developer stated in our first email encounter, if you can add, subtract, multiply, and divide two-digit numbers, you have what it takes to reach some levels of success at this game.  In the free version, there are two levels:  easy and medium.  I love a risk-free trial, so I would recommend starting here.  The goal is to solve a pyramid puzzle by swapping numbers and operators.  Sounds easy, but as usual, the levels become increasingly more complex by the addition of multiple steps on the pyramid.  Need a visual?  Anything blue or red can be swapped.  Anything gray remains static.

Screenshot 2013.10.28 13.30.16

Work slowly and carefully, but not too slowly.  The game is timing you!  Frustrated?  Sorry, there are no hints, but a simple tap of the back arrow allows you to skip a game.  Mastered the FREE version?  Well, good for you!  Now, try the Pro version.  At a mere $.99, you will be hard-pressed to find a more challenging, thought-provoking puzzle game.  I’ve been letting a few of my boys play with it on our classroom iPad while waiting for their buses, and they LOVE it!  I’m actually hoping my mother-in-law is reading this.  Linda, you love Sudoku…give this one a try!

Price:  FREE

Note:  Searching for this app has proven to be a challenge itself.  Don’t be silly like me.  Type SUMURAI, not Samurai.  Use my link below, or search for the developer, Anand Ramanathan, in the App Store.