Age Scale: 9-adult

Device: iPad

Quick Line: Imagination and Estimation Combined?!

What Educators Need to Know:

Math Teachers, rejoice! Motion Math has developed another great app aimed at internalizing mathematics concepts. Traditional estimating lessons can be so BORING. And often times, they are not practical. But estimation is a lifelong skill – one that adults use on a daily basis. Why not add a little fun to your estimating practice!

Play is simple but effective. Users select a quest they’d like to explore. By combining phrases, an estimation question is developed. For example, How many giraffes…would be as tall as…the Statue of Liberty? Once you’ve made your estimate, you will see your answer and either an explanation of the math used to find the answer or a link to support the correct answer. [Note: I could not, would not, believe that at a yoga mat was only 5.7 feet long. Clicking on “Really?!” sent me to the GAIAM website. I was indeed, wrong.] If your answer is within a predetermined set of target rings, you get points. Points unlock treasures and power-ups. If your answer is outside of the rings, you lose a life. Can you complete your Quest before you lose three lives?

There are three modes: Solo, Pass and Play, and Game Center. I think the Pass and Play mode is terrific. Pair your students and allow them to compete against each other. It requires fewer devices and may allow some cooperative learning to occur! Who doesn’t like a little friendly competition?

Currently, there are four Quests available: Intro, Need for Speed, Amazing Animals, and History of Awesome. The Intro Quest is free; the rest require coin purchases. 100 coins costs $1.99 which is enough to unlock Amazing Animals and Need for Speed. History of Awesome requires 70 coins. The developer suggests that additional content will be added.

Please do not shy away from the potential cost of this app. Check it out for yourself with the FREE Intro Quest. You and your kiddos will love it!

Price: FREE (for Intro Quest; additional Quests require purchase)

Questimate! - Motion Math


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