Mystery Math Town

Age scale: 6-10

Device: iPad only

Quick Line: No Smoke and Mirrors Here!

What Educators Need to Know:

Navigating the Education category in the App Store is sometimes like visiting a haunted house. You rely on your senses to move you in the right direction, only to frequently encounter a dead end. If you’ve been keeping up with my posts, I have given you a flashlight. I’m hoping to upgrade to a flood light with this one: Mystery Math Town.

Picture this: you arrive at a spooky old town in the middle of the night. You enter the first house, looking for inhabitants, only to encounter leftover furniture, talking portraits, and a jar for collecting fireflies. Fireflies make you feel less afraid, so you explore the home, solving equations as you go, looking for lightning bugs to soothe you. The portraits make you giggle, and you become even less afraid. If only you had that last numeral to solve a problem with a sum of 10… Better keep looking!

And so your hunt continues. Collecting fireflies leads you to collect gold coins. These are even more valuable as they will earn you the right to keep the talking portraits in your gallery. Besides their entertainment value, these pieces of history will give you clues to the mystery of Math Town, and they will only tell you their stories when safe in your gallery. You are hooked. Better keep looking!

My first grade neighbor and son delighted in the above experience as we first explored this app. Not knowing my neighbor’s ability level, I selected a simplistic skill set including addition and subtraction to 10. Had they been a bit older, I would have upped the ante and set the skill level to adding and subtracting to 20. In a few years, I can challenge them again by selecting multiplication. And just when they think they’ve mastered it, I’ll throw them a curve and add tally marks and dice to replace the numbers. That ought to keep them humble!

Did I mention that they each played their own game on this iPad? You didn’t think little E was going to SHARE did you? Mystery Math Town accommodates multiple users, so you can customize the game for each child. This is reminiscent of just about every other app by Artgig Studios. Tom Cruise had Renee Zellwiger at, “hello.” Artgig has me at, “customizable.” 

In case I was not clear, make a right at the coffin. Ignore the zombies. Turn left at the caldron. And head straight to the App Store and grab Mystery Math Town!

Price: $2.99 (and worth every penny)




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