My Story World


Age Scale: 4-8

Device: iPad

Bottom Line: Integrated Comprehension Checks

What Educators Need to Know:
E and I were surfing for great new FREE apps and stumbled upon My Story World. It was one of those nights where my attention was being pulled in several different directions, but this app quickly caught my eye as he started to use it. First and foremost, it is polished. The animation is slick, and stories are a nice length and contain captivating animation. There are two modes: Read to Me and Play and Learn. Not sure of the difference between the two, we chose Play and Learn. The story was still read aloud, and the interactive, built-in questions were ideal. As a parent and educator, I appreciate the frequent comprehension checks! Each story ends with a creative activity that encourages children to use their imaginations and information from the story. Perfect!

E surprisingly selected Cinderella. He saw the pumpkin and thought it was a Halloween story. Although he was disappointed that the story did not, indeed, have anything to do with Halloween, he enjoyed it. It was easy to navigate and 100% kid appropriate. All told, we spent about 10-15 minutes working through this app. I can see this being a really terrific reading center for primary classrooms. It could also be a clever option by connecting it to a document projector in a classroom with only one iPad.

The catch? The original download allows access to six free stories (mainly fairy tales). An All Access Pass for six months costs $5.99. Rest assured, children cannot access the in-app purchase independently.

Price: FREE for first six stories ($5.99 for six-month subscription)