Motion Math Zoom

Age Scale: 4 and up

Device:  iPhone, iPod, and iPad

Quick Line:  Making Sense of Number Sense

What Educators Need to Know:

Earlier, I reviewed an app called Motion Math and found it to be an excellent resource in the quest to make fractions autonomous.  See my review here.  Motion Math Zoom is in the same realm, only this time, number line mastery is the key.  The first six levels are free, and 18 more are available as an in-app purchase.  Zoom and stretch the number line while popping bubbles to place them in the correct order.  Start slow and place positive numbers to 1000 in order.  Work your way up to negative numbers and decimals.  Yes, fellow teachers, I said decimals!  Motion Math isn’t flashy, but rest assured that the app is research-based and skill- building.  Again, if you are looking to move away from worksheets and integrate technology easily, this is a great tool.

Price: Free for starter levels


Motion Math Zoom - Motion Math