Motion Math: Pizza!

Motion Math Pizza
Age Scale:  9-14
Device:  iPhone, iPod, and iPad
Quick Line:  Share a Slice of EdTech Brilliance

What Educators Need to Know:

Hand-tossed, thin and crispy, deep dish… it’s all good.  And this tasty new app from Motion Math is the same:  it’s all good.  There is not one thing that either my students or I would change about this app.  You know you have a good app when the students readily choose it for their home devices.  And I had SEVERAL do so over a holiday break!
Here’s the 411:
Ever dream of running your own business?  Well, now is your turn to try!  You have 30 days to get rich selling an American food staple:  pizza.  
Head on over to the market to buy your ingredients, but be careful!  Think about whether it is better to buy in bulk.   You will want to get the best bargain!  
Make your way to the kitchen to create your original pies, give them a name, and set a price that will make a nice profit.  Don’t be greedy.  If you charge too much, your customers will complain and disappear with a POOF! Charge too little, and you won’t have enough cash to purchase your ingredients.  
Slide back into your pizzeria and serve your visitors.  Be quick with your calculating, or they will get angry and eat elsewhere.
Don’t forget to save!  Extra money earned will allow you to upgrade your equipment and ingredient options.
As usual, the customer is always right.  Remember this, and you will have much success.  They will help you create your menu and establish fair pricing.
My students have been obsessed with this game.  They love the challenge of maximizing profits and delight in the feedback from the somewhat saucy customers.  They’ve been experimenting with what works, but they’ve also been pushing the limits to find the fine line between supreme success and bottom-out failure.  What a great life lesson learned with little or no risk!  [This flavorful fun is only $3.99!]
Take a big bite out of teaching economics to elementary students by ordering up a slice of app-ilicious heaven:  Motion Math Pizza!


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  2. […] My students have been obsessed with this game. They love the challenge of maximizing profits. – The iPod Teacher ★★★★★. Best of the […]