Motion Math: Hungry Guppy

Age Scale: 3-7

Device: iPad, iPhone, or iPod

Quick Line:  Hooked and Hungry for a Challenge

What Educators Need to Know:

I am an admitted number cruncher.  Much to my husband’s chagrin, I am a stickler about our budget, and I plan my school days with time-management precision.  It is no surprise that I deeply appreciate data-driven instruction.  I like to know that my teaching methods are proven and reliable.  That’s why I heavily support the developers at Motion Math.  Their research-based foundation has produced yet another conceptually-sound app.  Hungry Guppy helps children ages three to seven understand numbers and addition to sums of five.  Any number of games currently on the market will drill addition facts, but I appreciate Hungry Guppy because it requires children to understand number quantities and how they relate to addition.  It starts simply:  feed the guppy the number of dots displayed on its belly.  This could come in the form of individual dots or require the use of the Multi-Touch functionality of the device to pinch dots together for merger.  The more you succeed, the more you can customize the guppy’s color and features.  The game becomes more difficult as the guppy displays numbers instead of dots.  Some levels are a hybrid of both.  This provided quite a challenge for my little E, but he is catching on!  I will encourage his use of this app because I believe it will strengthen his number awareness.  Do not let this great catch get away!

Price: $2.99


Motion Math: Hungry Guppy - Motion Math