Math Doodles


Age Scale: 6-adult

Device: iPad (can purchase each game separately for iPod or iPhone)

Quick Line: Don’t Miss Math App

What Educators Need to Know:
Out of the thousands of math apps that exist, Math Doodles is one of the best. Created by Carsten Studios, Math Doodles approaches math from a conceptual, problem-solving perspective, one that most teachers will value and PAY for.

There are currently three games contained in the Math Doodles iPad app. Each can be purchased separately for the iPod Touch. Sums Stacker requires the player to drag values from stack to stack until the sums of each stack equal the the target sums. Users click on a series of values in a grid that add up to a sum target in Connect Sums. Early algebraic concepts are tested with Unknown Square. One must decipher the values of the letters on the grid. Horizontal, vertical, and diagonal sums are shown. A fourth game, Splat Go Round, is available in an early sketch format and requires knowledge of hours, minutes, angles, and fractions. It will be available soon in a free update to those who purchase Math Doodles.

The options, however, are really what make this app stand out. Each game can be played with various value representations including dice, number, fingers, hole tiles, ten frame, U.S. coins, tally marks, polygons, and many more. Each game can also be played in three modes: solve, infinity, or race. And each challenge has an easy and hard mode. For example, first graders can play Sum Stacker with numbers in the easy solve mode. Sixth graders can play Unknown Square with polygons on the hard race mode. The combinations are endless and will meet the need of diverse learners.

If you can only afford a few math apps for your classroom set of iPads, this one should be on your list! I have so much respect for Daren Carstens, the innovator behind this app. The design behind it is so clever that students will hardly believe they are practicing their skills.

Price: $2.99