Kids’ Vocabulary MindSnacks

Age Scale: 7-12

Device: iPhone, iPod, iPad

Quick Line: A Satisfying Vocabulary Meal

What Educators Need to Know:

What’s on the menu in my classroom? New words! In an effort to switch from memorization to internalization, I rewrote my recipe for growing a vocabulary. Gone are the bland flash cards. I’ve introduced color to our vocabulary plates with Kids’ Vocabulary MindSnacks!

Each patron at the MindSnacks diner has access to a unique meal with lots of flavor. For the lighter appetite, MindSnacks will provide one lesson free of charge. It includes a single list of related words on which to nibble. Sample the word, hand-drawn picture, part of speech, and simple definition.. Hear it pronounced and see it used in a sample sentence. Best of all, expand your palate by reading its origin, word parts, and homophones, when available. To aid in the digestion process, nosh on the nine fabulously creative and engaging challenges! You’ll learn to use, spell, pronounce, and visualize the list of words easily and without heartburn! Concerned that your Snacks might be bad for your health? Don’t be. MindSnacks are based on the Common Core Standards, so you are sure to grow healthy and strong!

Have a heavier appetite? Upsize your meal, and be prepared to devour 25 full lessons that include 350 words. Having trouble with a particular set? Don’t worry. MindSnacks will adapt to you. The customer always comes first!

My students gobbled this app up! They ate their veggies first, and read about their words before feeding on the goodies or games. They came back to their lists for refreshers, however, so I knew that they were getting a square meal. After each quest, students could see which words needed a little more attention, and they adjusted their play accordingly. It was wonderful to see them applying their knowledge of etymology! Mission accomplished!

I highly recommend that you taste this menu. You will not leave hungry!

Price: free for first lesson ($4.99 for full version)