Khan Academy

Age Scale: 10-adult

Device: iPad

Quick Line: Help! (At Your Fingertips)

What Educators Need to Know:

A few months ago, I saw a 60 Minutes piece on Salman Kahn, an American educator who had started an organization called the Khan Academy.  His resume boasted an education that included MIT and the Harvard Business School, and watching him create tutorials for his website indicated that this man was pretty close to a genius-level intellect.  Since that time, the Khan Academy app has been brought to my attention over and over again. Users have access to thousands of videos/tutorials on topics including K-12 math, sciences, humanities, history, and finance.  Now, don’t expect bells and whistles here.  The simplistic lessons are created on an online whiteboard with audio, but what I love is the portability.  Students can download their own playlists and replay them easily whenever needed.  Tutors can brush up on topics before sitting down to remediate.  While it is, by no means, a replacement for teacher/student interaction, it is yet another tool to lead our students to mastery.  I want to teach my students life lessons including seeking help when needed and using available resources.  Khan Academy is a great one!

Price:  FREE

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