Age Scale: 2+

Device: iPod, iPhone, and iPad

Quick Line: Safe Viewing Made Easy

What Educators Need to Know:

E loves the new Angry Birds Toons that are available On Demand via our cable. Apparently, an animated Angry Birds movie is on the horizon, and 1-2 minute funny cartoons are a great way to get the kiddies hooked. And in all honesty, they don’t bother me. There is really no objectionable content.

However, setting E up to watch them online is a different story. Like so many other websites, clicking on one cartoon leads to another and another and another. And before you know it, he is far, far away from original content and is watching adult Bird Fans play with toys, reenacting some of the situations with narration. Weird. I am just not comfortable with that.

iTube List is a great FREE find. Users can search and save YouTube playlists and watch them later. How could this be useful in the classroom? If you follow Pinterest, you know that the entire episodes of Bill Nye the Science Guy are available. Added it. Does your child like America’s Funniest Home videos? Done. And the original Angry Birds Toons? Yes, they too are available.

There are two additional features that are worth mentioning. One, you can set a passcode to disallow students from adding content on their own. Two, a video timer is available to avoid your child wasting away watching YouTube videos. And this app is FREE? Terrific!

iTubeList - YouTube Playlist Finder (music, cartoon, kids videos) - Miaoshuang Dong


  1. upliftingfam says:

    This sounds like a great app to help keep kids safe when playing around on YouTube. Thank you for sharing.