How Stuff Works

Age Scale: 8-18

Device: iPod, iPhone, or iPad (best version)

Quick Line:  (NTLB) No Topic Left Behind

What Educators Need to Know:

Did you ever wonder how holograms work?  Or have you ever thought about the best place to sit when you go to the movies?  Then, How Stuff Works is the app for you!  There is virtually no topic left behind!  The home screen is a mishmash of videos, articles, and lists from a variety of topics.  And when I say, “variety”, I mean variety!  Other options include browsing by topics such as auto, entertainment, animals, and culture.  A third icon allows users to watch videos from a number of series including “Stuff You Should Know” and “Stuff You Missed in History Class”.  (Reminder:  streaming takes time.)  Clicking on the die icon brings you to the GetSmart Challenge, quizzes organized by topic.  Of course, to teachers, searching is always useful.  A quick “stink bug” search revealed an article on ways to eliminate them from your home.  Searching for “dogs” will lead you to a video on how to trick a guard dog.  Again, the possibilities are endless!  It is an excellent, entertaining reference tool.

Price: FREE

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