Age Scale: 8-14

Device: iPad, iPod, and iPhone

Quick Line: Destination:  Grammaropolis

What Educators Need to Know:

Grammaropolis is one destination that all kids need to visit!  In fact, depending on the learner, students could totally drive themselves and call me to check in once in a while!  I loved this app.  Mostly, I loved this app because I hate teaching grammar.  It is difficult for me to make grammar fun while also making it useful.  Having students apply grammar rules is RARELY exciting.  Using Grammaropolis could be a game changer.  The app directs students through a path of tutorials, videos, a book, and quizzes.  The music videos are especially catchy and entertaining.  I love how the students must apply what they’ve heard immediately after watching.  Of course, only one part of speech (nouns) is free.  Each additional part of speech is $1.99, or you can purchase the bundle of eight for $12.99.  Check out the link to Grammaropolis in iTunes for a list of awards earned by this terrific app.  Grammaropolis is also a web-based tutorial and game.  If funds are short, it would be terrific on the interactive whiteboard!  Visit for pricing.

Price: nouns are free!

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