Help at Home Apps

Two apps are going to help me clean up my act in 2014:  Big Oven and Red Stamp.  See why I love these apps:

app-bigovenBig Oven:  I cannot take credit for discovering this one.  My husband found it all on his own and delivered one of his best Christmas presents ever:  all of my go-to recipes in a single app!  Every Saturday morning, I sit at the kitchen table with my recipe binder, select a menu for the week, and trudge to the grocery store.  Slow, cumbersome, and dicey.  I’ve almost lost some of our favs for lack of organization.  My super slick hubby recognized a need here, grabbed our most yummy plates, and snapped pics.  Big Oven recognizes the ingredients and directions and imports them into easily accessible, printable files that can be shared!  No typing necessary!  I love this!  You can also search and browse over 250,000 recipes from favorites such as the Pioneer Woman and Food Network.  Now, it’s not cheap.  It is $20 to subscribe and uploading recipes generally costs $1 apiece, but he was able to search for many in its database and save time and money by grabbing those first.  And aren’t those super-special meals that your family has enjoyed for many generations worth preserving for a buck?  You bet!  Online storage without the hassle of typing and hand-held simplicity is worth every penny!  Thanks, honey!
Red Stamp:  I think it is important for my children to be grateful for all that they receive for holidays and birthdays.  Our family and friends spend a great deal of time and money selecting gifts for all of us, and I think it is important to show appreciation.  Despite missing a few here and there, writing thank you notes has always been part of my routine, and it will be the same for my own children.  And while traditional emails lack a personal touch, I, myself, would not mind receiving one from Red Stamp!  As soon as we get home, E, D, and I will select our favorite photos from the holiday season and put them on the cutest cards out there!  Grandmas will get personalized notes of thanks with pictures of the boys playing with their recently received toys!  Should I email, text, tweet, or snail-mail them?  I guess I will decide when they are finished.  Digitals are FREE.  Having Red Stamp mail them traditionally will cost a small fee.  But you know… if that means that I won’t be late on birthday cards this year, I might just buy in!