GeoBee Challenge HD by National Geographic

Age Scale:  9-16

Device:  iPod, iPhone, or iPad

Bottom Line: A bargain for $1.99

What Educators Need to Know:

If your school participates in the National Geographic Geography Bee like our school does, then you will want your students to have this app.  No doubt about it – the questions are tough.  But they are similar to those experienced in the Bee-  covering a wide range of physical and cultural geography concepts from all over the world.  Each question allows you to earn a score based on accuracy and the time it takes to answer.  You need a minimum score to advance to the next round.  With National Geographic, you can be assured that the content is accurate, and the HD map rounds use the features of Apple devices to their fullest.  This is a great app that could be used to challenge and enrich learners!

Price:  $1.99 at the time of review

GeoBee Challenge by National Geographic - National Geographic Society