Flipped Learning Network

Flipped learning has become quite the buzz phrase recently.  There are Edmodo groups, blog articles, and conferences featuring this topic happening all around the world.  Well, what is it?  I recently attended the Flipped Learning Network’s 7th annual conference which was held in Mars, PA, and I believe this awesome organization has one of the best explanations:

Flip Definition 1

I love the idea of sending the lower level skills home, or the individual learning space, via video or other resources to focus on higher level skills in the classroom, or the group learning space.  I love that this can be considered a pedagogical approach.  And I love that recent data is proving that it is not, in fact, a trend.

Have I flipped my class?  No, not entirely.  But that is the beauty of flipped learning:  there is no singular right answer or method.  Stay tuned for iPod/iPad tools to help you flip.

In the meantime…Thinking of flipping?  Join this organization for FREE.  You will have access to all of the resources, data, and peers necessary to help you get started.

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