Age Range: 2-9

Device: iPad

Bottom Line: Reading Takes You Places

What Educators Need to Know:
My tech-savvy mom, a primary special education teacher, brought Farfaria to my attention a few weeks ago. She saw it spinning on Pinterest and thought it was worth a look. Well, Mom, as usual, you were right!

Similar to another app reviewed recently, Farfaria offers a 400-book library for your primary grade reader. Stories range from original adventures to classic kid tales to sing-a-longs. And a new, free book is added each weekday. It is free to try and there is no commitment to read the daily book. However, full access to the large library, any time, anywhere, even offline, will cost you $3.99. In my house, $3.99 might just be worth it. We easily spend more than $48.00 on books each year. You won’t find any bestsellers here, but what I’ve viewed was pretty good.

The best feature of this app is the “Read to Me” mode. Research shows that audio books can be extremely important in the develop of readers, often exposing children to literature that is beyond their independent reading levels. Users can easily challenge their children as each book is leveled. The professional reader’s inflection adds so much to promoting the excitement of the stories. I know E often mimics my intonation when “reading” his own books. Exposing him to many different variations would be terrific.

Teachers, if you are skeptical, try this app by connecting your iPad to a document projector for a few days. Let me know what your students think!

Price: FREE (for one book per day); $3.99/month for unlimited access to 400+ books

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