Drive About: Number Neighborhood

Age Scale: 2-6
Device: iPhone, iPod, and iPad
Quick Line: Cruise into Early Math
What Educators Need to Know:
Gentlemen, start your engines… Drive About: Number Neighborhood is finally here and ready for exploration!

Give your little learner the green light with this new app from Artgig! As we’ve come to expect from this innovative company, Drive About: Number Neighborhood is a delightful adventure for the toddler/preschool set, introducing them to concepts such as counting, ordering, matching, number identification, and number writing.


Toot Toot! Start your tour by visiting the slippery Sea Pickles. Whack those with the target number as they pop up from their holes. Next, it is Whale Feeding time! Slingshot cabbages into your adorable buddy’s mouth Angry-Birds-style. Skyrocket into Cloud Writing and trace numbers from one to ten. Drive on and use your Construction Blocks to stack numbers to 20 correctly. Strive to balance your See-Saw sums with either individual numbers or combinations of a few. March on to clean up the ‘hood by counting and using a Space Vacuum. Don’t forget to visit the Bakery where you will decorate your cut-out cookies with matching toppings. Catch the snowboarding yak on your way downhill, and help him touch the flags in order. Tired yet? Relax by expressing your artistic ability, or lack thereof, and Paint by Numbers.

Whew! Sounds like a lot of practice doesn’t it? Well, you are correct, but it is FUN! My three-year-old has been visiting this Number Neighborhood frequently.  And even though he pretends not to, my six-year-old hits the town often as well. The graphics are endearing and the sound effects are a hoot! Best of all, the games are designed to provide your students and children with a foundation to mathematical thinking. Numbers, reasoning, critical thinking, and problem solving are all represented with this one app. In all honesty, I can’t see how little ones wouldn’t learn from this app!

Price: $2.99 and worth every penny