DocScan HD Pro

doc scan hd pro

DocScan HD Pro

Age Scale:  10+

Device:  iPhone, iPod, and iPad

Quick Line: No Scanner?  No Problem!

What Educators Need to Know:

How many times do you wish you had a copy machine in your classroom?  I mean, the printer is nice, but sometimes, you just need…one.more.copy.  So, you trek down to the copy machine, wait in line, waste your precious time.

Well, wait no more.  Snap a picture with your iPhone camera while in DocScan HD Pro.  Drag and set a perimeter, choose color or black and white, and save that sucker!  It even removes shadows and corrects curled or wrinkled pages!  Continue scanning and adding pages to your document, or export your new pdf to email, Dropbox, or Evernote.  Create folders for subjects, topics, or skills.  Preserve your best resources digitally or print them when you are in a bind for that single copy!

I have found so many uses for this app.  I’ve certainly scanned my share of lost/misplaced documents for students.  And I’ve copied collaborative student notes, so individuals can add on  at home.  But most importantly, I’ve used it to post resources to Edmodo, the social platform we use for our classroom.  Students who are absent don’t have to wait for work to come home.  They simply log on and print.

DocScan has made reproducing documents so easy and convenient.  I absolutely love it!

Price:  $1.99