DK Quiz

Age Scale: 10-adult
Device: iPad, iPhone, and iPod
Quick Line: Are You Smarter Than Your Friends?
What Educators Need to Know:
You already KNOW that you are smarter than your friends, but DK Quiz will help you prove it! Dorling Kindersley makes some fabulous books, and the app follows in suit. There are quizzes on a large variety of topics including music, film, travel, history, sports, etc. Playing offline allows you access to each. Quick, correct answers are rewarded by placing you at the top of the leader board. The challenge mode allows you to log into Facebook to compete and share your bragging rights. How might I use it? Well, the travel questions are terrific and fit right into our study of world geography. But I’m thinking of including this app into my daily iPod activities as an extension for my high kids.
Price: FREE


DK Quiz - Dorling Kindersley