Our DIY Bench/Table/Ottoman

At the beginning of the year, I had my students learn about the brain and how the different parts function.  Then we read a few articles about how people learn.  We continued our study by dissecting some really complex material about what students need to learn BEST.

This lead to a few important focal points:

learning 1.1

Then I asked the students to create a list of things that would enhance our learning space:

learning 1.2

We knew we needed to make some changes.  The students needed somewhere to sit when they were reading and a small table for when they were collaborating on the carpet.  I consulted our guidance counselor, who just happens to be a carpenter on the side, and we came together to make our own seating.  Here are a few pictures!

bench 1.1

bench 1.8bench 1.7

bench 1.6

bench 1.3

Look at these proud, happy faces!  Mr. B. , we could not have done it without you!bench 2.4

bench 2.5

And the final results…

bench 2.2 bench 2.3