Digital Storytelling with StoryboardThat

This is our first year truly living with the Pennsylvania Common Core Standards in ELA.  Add that to a new reading textbook, and you’ve got some hard-working, frustrated kiddos.  I knew I needed to give my students another avenue to show what they know!  We read an awesome nonfiction passage in our textbook about how scientists measure animal intelligence and the difficulties associated with it.  Then I popped my students on the Chromebooks to use an awesome digital tool:


The kids were crazy about this program.  It is so customizable!  There are tons of terrific backgrounds, people, animals, and objects to manipulate.  I had the students create paper template retellings first, and it was so easy to transfer them to StoryboardThat!  Check out Erigan’s storyboard – complete with audio too!





You will absolutely love StoryboardThat for its easy of use and simple ability to utilize it in ANY classroom.  Try a FREE teacher trial for two weeks.  After that, it is very affordable.  You can create folders for each class or assignment, leave comments, and browse lesson plans.  I highly recommend this program!


  1. aaronbsherman says:

    Thanks for the blog! Looks like your class had a lot of fun! The URL for StoryboardThat – rnrnthanks!


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