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Age Scale: Adult

Device: iPhone or iPad

Bottom Line: Digital Literacy Support

What Educators Need to Know:
Say your little learners are looking for new books to read. Say you want to incorporate some new websites into your lesson plans. Say you want to show an episode of an educational show to your high school class, but you want to be extra careful about what you select. Where should you turn? Download the Common Sense Kids Media app.

Common Sense Media is an organization that reviews movies, games, app, websites, tv, books, and music. Each review contains an age range, quality rating, and learning rating. Quality is based on a number of categories including ease of use, consumerism, and privacy and safety. It considers a child’s exposure to sex, violence, language, and drinking, drugs, and smoking. Short narratives explain a resources “learning potential” including skills and subjects. Parents will appreciate “things to discuss, explain, and enjoy” after using the reviewed resource.

How can classroom teachers use this website and app? The reviews themselves are a terrific resource for educators. Use the slide to select an age range, and the best of each category are listed. Click on each for the full reviews. In addition to the app, Common Sense offers a number of programs including classroom curriculum, parent education, and professional development via its website. Teachers can use the curriculum as a whole or consult the scope and sequence for individual components that meet their needs. The overall goal is to create responsible digital citizens. Who can argue with that?

How can parents use this website and app? Both are designed with parents as the target audience. Particularly helpful are the “Top Picks”. The number of lists is mind-boggling! Your son is a baseball fanatic. Check out the list of Best Baseball Movies! Seeking a list of nonviolent video games? It’s there! Looking for books with strong female characters? You’ve got it! I subscribe to the weekly newsletters and recently received “100+ Summer Learning Ideas”. Perfect!

Click on the link below to access the website, or visit the App Store to download this terrific FREE app!

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