Clicker Docs


Clicker Docs

Age Scale:  5-12

Device:  iPad only

Quick Line:  Top of the Line Elementary Word Processor

What Educators Need to Know:

Are you looking for a way to make writing a little easier for some of your struggling students?  Do you teach primary grades and are frustrated with the lack of content students provide due to their limited vocabularies?  If you are looking to advance your young students in writing, Clicker Docs is for you!

Clicker Docs is an elementary word processor for the iPad.  It was developed by the Crick Software Company which has been in business for over 20 years.  This team is the real deal.  They have developed a product that will easily personalize your students’ writing experiences with a few excellent features.  First, Clicker Docs uses something called a “word predictor”.  When it is enabled, the predictor will suggest words as a child types.  Students who are stuck mid-word can tap their choice without worrying about spelling.  It encourages them to, perhaps, try words that they may have avoided due to spelling frustration.  The best part?  The Sound Shift option allows students to listen to the word before selecting!  Second, Clicker Docs has a built-in reader available.  Once a child punctuates a sentence, it will be read to them.  Often children need to hear their writing before finding errors, but reading their own writing is not always effective.  This helps tremendously.  Last, numerous free word banks are available through the app itself.  Don’t like the options?  Enter your own word bank for any topic of study.  These features really make this app a stand-out.

I used the app with my own children, and they loved it.   They were especially delighted by the Reader function.  Hearing their own choices read aloud provided such a sense of ownership.  The word predictor was also super helpful.  E has a vivid imagination but can get hung up on words that he feels he can’t spell.  It slows down his process which is very frustrating.  We tried a document about a beach vacation as we are obviously looking forward to our family trip.  The word bank was right on the money.

Clicker Docs can do just about anything that a typical word processor can do such as change font size, type, and color.  Students can customize backgrounds and easily share their work through email, air printing, Google Drive, and even Dropbox!  It is a kid-friendly assistive features that really elevate its compatibility, however.  If you are a learning support, autistic support, ELL, or primary grade teacher, you should really take a good look at this app.  It will help your students reach a very high level of success without heartbreak.

Price:  $30.99