Camp Wonderopolis


My sixth grade students know that I am absolutely in love with the website  There are so many interesting wonders in this world including, “What does the fox really say?” and “Can a human outrun a cheetah?”  On occasion, I would simply book the iPad cart, distribute this trifold brochure, and tell my kiddos to learn something new!  The feedback was pretty positive as many children appreciate the ability to choose their own learning path.

That has lead me to use Wonderopolis at home too.  Now, E and D are still little young (now 6 and 3), but when a scary storm rolled through the area this spring, we grabbed the computer to find out, “Why does it thunder?”  I was excited to see a new button pop up on the home page letting me know that I could preregister for Camp Wonderopolis, a FREE program designed to keep kids learning and discovering during the summer.  Without hesitation, I enrolled E.

Here is some information from the FAQ pdf:

Camp Wonderoplis is a fun, engaging way to keep kids learning over the summer months. The content has been developed to improve reading comprehension of informational text, build background knowledge in different areas of science, and improve vocabulary and literacy skills.

…Camp Wonderopolis has been created so individuals, families, and programs can customize the Camp experience to suit their individual needs. There are 42 individual scientific lessons that can be explored at your own pace, on your own schedule.

Camp Wonderopolis is built for learners of ALL ages, but it is especially targeted at grades 2 – 8. Campers under the age of 13 will need to have their registration verified with the email address of a parent or guardian.

Basically, there are six tracks:  Observatory, Zoo, Amusement Park, Woods, Dig Site, and Laboratory.  There is one overall video and “maker” lesson for each track and a series of mini-lessons for additional exploration.  Completing lessons earn the user Wonder Cards.  Completed Wonder Cards will earn rewards online, although I have no idea what they look like.  Each quest/lesson should take 10-15 minutes to complete.  Again, E is a little young, and we struggle with getting quiet time.  But the framework is outstanding, and as a parent and educator, I absolutely love the opportunity for my kids to explore science in a fun way.

Registration is open until July 28, 2014.  After July 28, all camp content will be available on the