Brush of Truth

Age Scale: 8-12

Device: iPhone, iPod, or iPad

Quick Line: Choose Your Own Adventure

What Educators Need to Know:

I hate revealing my age, but here’s a clue:  I loved Choose Your Own Adventure books when I was a kid.  That places my elementary experience in the 1980s.  Is that a good enough hint?  I had pretty much forgotten about them until I stumbled upon Brush of Truth in the Education Department of the iTunes Store.  Reading this book is great for the struggling intermediate reader.  Why?  Because the story forces the reader to stop and think.  Should the character choose this path or that one?  What will happen to my story with each choice?  There are 65 decision points and 20 different possible endings to this story, and each decision is reversible.  I wouldn’t suggest using it as a novel for a large group, but a small group might benefit from the discussions that multiple endings would encourage.  Still, the independent reader will relish the “screen time” and get caught up in the choices awaiting them.  Watch them get sucked into choosing their own adventure!

Price: 1.99
Brush of Truth - Story Bayou, Inc.