Awesome Eats


Age Scale: 4 and up

Device: iPod, iPad, and iPhone

Quick Line:  Just for Fun

What Educators Need to Know:

While perusing the iTunes Education Department once again, I stumbled upon Awesome Eats by the Whole Kids Foundation, a nonprofit organization created by Whole Foods grocery chain.  Take note:  the app itself is not very educational.  Users swipe fruits and vegetables into correct crates while they travel along conveyor belts.  The “education” comes between levels in the form of one-line facts about food nutrition.  HOWEVER, it is highly addictive.  The levels become increasingly more challenging.  More belts are added; the food moves at a faster pace; obstacles must be avoided.  It is simple fun that could be used as an incentive.  In addition, it is well-designed game created by a foundation that provides millions of dollars in grant money to bring gardens and salad bars to schools.  I, for one, would rather support a game that at least attempts to educate children, rather than one of the thousands that does not.  Happy swiping!

Price: Free


Awesome Eats™ - Whole Kids Foundation