Annie’s Picking Apples 2

annies picking app

Age Scale: 2-6

Device: iPad

Quick Line:  Perfect Preschool Pick

What Educators Need to Know:

Traveling for the holiday?  Looking to maintain skills over a break?  Annie’s Picking Apples 2 will help you with this.  And the best part?  It will PROVE that your child is learning!

annies picking mapWorking with Annie will help your child develop number awareness and counting skills to 20.  There are 27 “worlds” or activities in this educational game.  There are four primary categories:  counting games (blue icons), making pies (yellow icons), puzzles (puzzle piece icons), and trophies (trophy icons).  The content is heaviest in the blue areas.  Children will encounter five games including classifying, sorting, memory, catching, and throwing.  Making apple pie seems to be designed to provide fun as children will slice butter, pour milk, crack and egg, etc. to make a pie.  Although there are few pieces, the puzzles can be a challenge as children must drag and turn pieces to complete.  Trophies are awarded for the completion of each category.  Not every icon will be focused on math, but I believe the design will eliminate burnout for younger learners.

All of this might seem ordinary, but what sets this app apart are its performance trackers.  Entering the parent area via a double-digit math problem will provide a series of five choices.  The first is a parent report.   As you know, my classroom instruction is data-driven, and I can do the same at home with this app.  I can see my child’s performance on each of the five games in the following areas:  number awareness, visual pairing, and concentration.  Not sure what all this means?  Click info, and a description is provided.  I can also see when my child has played each activity in the activity log.  If you are a preschool or kindergarten teacher, this would be a great alternative to black and white assessments!

annies picking reportAnother fabulous feature are its controls.  The parent portal provides recommendations on how to change the iPad’s configurations to meet the needs of individual children.  You can increase time limits, stop puzzle pieces from locking, set a time control for multiple users, and set time limits for overall app use.  You can also clear reports when transitioning from one child to another.  All of these options will provide safe and healthy usage for younger students and students with special needs.

On the whole, Annie’s Picking Apples is really terrific.  Kids will be pleased with the games.  Parents will be pleased with the controls.  And teachers will be pleased with the reports.  I would highly recommend this app for preschool, kindergarten, and special needs children.

Price:  $2.99