Alien Buddies

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Age Scale: 2+
Device: iPhone, iPod, and iPad
Quick Line: Toddlers off to a Great Start
What Educators Need to Know:
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I was searching for a creative way to approach this post, and I stumbled upon this bulletin board from Pinterest.  It pretty much sums up why I like this app.  Milestone mastery varies from child to child.  Artgig supports this concept with another customizable app that provides a sound pathway for early educational skills.  Toddlers and preschoolers who probe this app are sure to have a great time landing on the milestone moon.

The app begins with four activity choices:  Match, Puzzle, Dot to Dot, and Stickers.  The heaviest content can be found with the Match selection.  Users can examine letters (lowercase, uppercase, and mixed), numbers (to ten, to twenty, and to fifty), colors, and shapes  in both audio and visual modes.  The goal is to drag aliens to matching space pods.  Those needing a little assistance can tap an alien for an audio clue.  Launch Puzzles for visual discrimination and fine motor skill practice.  Practice sequential counting with Dot to Dot.  And create your own universe with eight landscapes and over forty stickers.

My little space explorer loves this app.  D knows his colors, letters, and numbers to ten, so I have been choosing the more difficult categories before he starts playing.  But that little smartie has figured out how to finish, go back, and choose the categories that he has mastered!  This is a such a catch-22.  I love that he is able to complete the activities independently, but sometimes I wish I could lock them.  Gotta keep an eye on that little bugger!

Overall, this is yet another Out of this World app from Artgig Studios.  If you’d like to know more about their other fantastic apps, see my posts here and here.

Price: $1.99