Alien Assignment


It makes me sad that “Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood” is no longer on television on a regular basis. This techie mom can appreciate the old school values and soft spoken lessons brought to each episode. Lucky for us, the Fred Rogers Foundation is still involved in the development of new projects for children. Alien Assignment is one such venture.

The activities start when the Gloop’s spaceship crashes. They need you to help them repair it by finding everyday items to replace broken parts. For example, a broken steering wheel will require “something round”. Oh, the fun E had running around trying to find something he could use to help the Gloop family! He felt like a big shot, pointing and clicking the camera on our iPod touch. He quickly brought it to me, for each picture requires grown-up approval, and then he was on to the next challenge. There were times when he was stumped, but a quick conversation cured his problem solving road bump.

Yes, you need a device with a camera, preferably a small one. Yes, you might want a sturdy case. But if you are working with kids, you probably already have these things! This app is great for early learners, and I love how it fosters their creative thinking and dialogue with adult supervisors. I only wish there were more apps like this!

Price: free!