ABC for Little Space Explorer

abc for space




Age Scale:  2+

Device: iPhone, iPod, and iPad

Quick Line:  The Universe in an Alphabet

What Educators Need to Know:

Every kid has his or her “thing”.  For my oldest, it was trains.  For my youngest, it is animals.  Many of us moms knows the depths to which we are willing to indulge those “things”.  (We have to watch Thomas AGAIN??)  Lucky for us, the App Store never lets us down.  With a quick swipe of the finger, we can easily satisfy our children with their “things”, and we don’t have to feel guilty because they are usually educational!

Take for example, the ABC Flashcard apps by Common Extract.  So far, there is ABC for the Little Scientist and the newly created ABC for the Little Space Explorer.  Now, space is far from a hot topic in my house.  But I realized as I shopped for new bedding for little D’s room, it must be a pretty popular theme.  Each letter is accompanied by its sound, vocabulary word, and quick activity.  Now, the vocabulary is certainly more challenging than the standard for the average toddler, but it is spot-on for the enthusiast.  And if they learn the sounds that the letters make?  Even better!

If I could revise this app, I would do two things.  One, I would reduce the price.  $1.99 is a bit high for an ABC app.  Two, my very wise babysitter pointed out that the advanced vocabulary was not actually defined.  Yes, this would be above the typical toddler/preschooler’s head, but at minimum, it would be helpful for parents!  Also, it could widen the audience to children in primary grades.  I know I would be more willing to download and use an app that provided content with the alphabet exposure.  Plus, content-specific vocabulary is a Common Core buzz topic!

In this very competitive market, it is nice to see developers branch out and pay attention to the interests of children.  Because, as we all know, despite our best efforts, sometimes there’s just no way to discourage some of our kids “things”.

Price:  $1.99