123 Kids Fun Numbers

123 kids fun numbers
Age Scale: 2 and up
Device: iPhone, iPod, and iPad
Quick Line: Numbers are Fun, For Sure!
What Educators Need to Know:
123 Kids Fun Numbers is part of a series of apps by Ros Media. It was the first however, that I had the opportunity to try, and it does not disappoint. It is designed so that learners will be able to say the numbers 1-10, represent the numbers on fingers, and eventually write the numbers. I found that it lead my little D to meet these objectives, although he has a ways to go before he can actually write the numbers on paper.

As a parent or teacher, you can approach the app from one of two ways: by number or by activity. I would suggest completing the simple activities that accompany each number first, and boy, are they fun! D loves putting the robot together (1), quieting the crying babies (4), spreading jam on the sandwiches (7), and washing the 10 cars. (My sons are currently obsessed with the car wash near my parents’ house.) The other activities get more and more challenging and require the child to identify the numbers at random. You can feed the hippo, make fruit juice, whack a meerkat, race cars, put the meerkat on airplanes, and complete puzzles. All encourage counting and number matching skills, and children are rewarded with items to place in an aquarium.

The most challenging activity for my young one is the tracing game. At age two, he struggles, and that is OK. I can help him! But that’s something I want to stress here: yes, many children can perform the activities with this app without assistance. However, it is important that you interact with them as they complete them. D loves when he can hand off the device to me to trace the numbers that are difficult. I thought he would learn to avoid those that are difficult, but with my guidance, he seems to gravitate to them instead! You cannot discount the importance of parental involvement.

Price: $1.99